Dr. Henderson's Testimonials

Dear Dr. Henderson,

It has been a pleasure knowing you Andrea. You’ve done really well creating my new teeth, for size and shape and they really look great. Thanks to Marlene and Francis, your assistants. All three of you helped me have a new smile that I’ll always treasure. The office ladies, and Jan for making sure of the times and days. You all have great smiles. Keep being the wonderful people that you are. Thanks .

A. T. Blair

I typically don’t write reviews but I chipped my front tooth a couple of days ago and was freaking out that it would break further. I called Dr. Henderson and Dr. Harrison’s office and they got me in right away. I have to say that they run a well oiled machine here! From the moment I got there I saw smiling faces and happy staff. It makes such a difference when you don’t have grumpy people all over the office (I don’t think they are faking it). Dr. Henderson did an amazing job. She took her time and I you cannot tell one iota that I have a filling on my tooth. She listened to me without getting annoyed or upset with the roughness I was feeling. Some other dentists just tell you “it’s fine” or “you’ll get used to it” but Dr. Henderson took her time to make it perfect!!! Thank you Dr. Henderson!

Yelp Review 3/26/14

Dr. Henderson and all of the staff are such kindhearted, caring individuals. It's rare to find such an office like the outstanding group of staff they have together in one office.

I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to have been directed to her office for my "challenging mouth." I could not be more pleased and always look forward to coming in . Many thanks again for all the wonderful work.

Joanne Repath

I feel great gratitude for Dr. Henderson's work. My old denture never fit correctly, it was loose, and chewing food was not possible as my denture was painful. My new denture looks great and allows me to eat comfortably. I thank her for her professionalism and graciousness during my treatment process.

Eugene K.

Dear Dr. Henderson,

I know that it's been several months since you finished all the work you did on my teeth, but I want to thank you and your assistants and staff for your expertise, professionalism and kindness. As you remember, I put off doing this work for about 10 years. Now that I 've done it and gotten countless compliments about my "new teeth," all the stress and time and patience, on your part, have really paid off! Thank you! You're the best!

Susan H.

So impressed with Andrea Henderson. The team was so professional. I am in great hands finally after 70 years.


Dr Henderson and her assistant created a positive atmosphere and knowedgably, carefully and thoroughly prepared my tooth for a cap replacement.


Dr. Henderson, Julissa, and the entire staff are absolutely the very best at what they do. They make it so easy to go to the dentist -- something I've never, ever been able to say before. Thank You!!


My first impression of Dr. Andrea Henderson is that she is an excellent dentist, very professional, knowledgeable and exhibits a high degree of compassion for her fearful patients, like myself. I am terrified by the dental experience, yet Dr. Henderson really put me at ease and performed a very thorough and impressive check up of my mouth and teeth. Her office staff is also very nice and accommodating. Now that my previous dentist retired his practice, I feel I am in very good hands with Dr. Henerson.


I have loved her care and expertise for years. Dr. Henderson really encouraged me and helped me get back on top of my dental care. I'm very grateful and super pleased that she's getting great formal recognition! [with regards to

Ron S.

As her patient I am very pleased with her work and can speak from experience as Dr. Henderson has done 2 bridges in my mouth and the final result is excellent.

Carolyn F.

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