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William D. Harrison, DDS

“his professional technical personnel and pleasant office assistants with which he has chosen to surround himself, make our regular cleaning and examination visits almost a social occasion“

“Dr. Harrison and his staff are unfailingly professional, friendly and courteous”

“My improved appearance from the stain removal and porcelain crowns has helped my self-esteem and I realize that I no longer hesitate to smile”

“I usually avoid giving recommendations for medical or dental procedures or treatments, but strongly recommend Invisalign for adults. It’s easy, it’s fast and it works.”

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“I am writing my profound thanks for all the phenomenal dental care delivered to me and my family while we lived in Los Angeles! Every single member of your staff always treated us courteously, professionally, expertly and promptly. I’m still amazed at the way you maintain such an on-time schedule – your office is unique in all of Los Angeles!

As far as the specifics of our dental care: we’ve never met a dentist with such a great, even, compulsive, attention to precision, detail and aesthetics; we will always be grateful for the improvement in our smiles and overall dental health!”

Dr. Stephen C. Lien

Former Pastor, Brentwood Presbyterian Church

In 1997, I became a patient of Dr. Harrison based on the strong recommendation of my dentist of many years who was retiring. I grew up in the Texas Panhandle where the water supply contained unusually high levels of fluoride. As a result, my teeth were badly stained. I also had many silver fillings and gold crowns. Because of the stains on my teeth, I was hesitant to smile.
I asked Dr. Harrison for suggestions on how to improve the appearance of my teeth. Over a period of time, my old fillings and crowns needed to be replaced. The replacement crowns were made of porcelain and, as a result, were less obvious to others. Most importantly, in 1998, Dr. Harrison suggested inlays, which removed all visible signs of stain from my most visible teeth. I have been absolutely delighted with the change in my appearance.
My improved appearance from the stain removal and porcelain crowns has helped my self-esteem and I realize that I no longer hesitate to smile. An added benefit of my improved appearance has been to take significantly better care of my teeth, gums and mouth than I did in the past. The value I have received as a patient of Dr. Harrison far exceeds the costs that I have incurred.

Dr. Harrison and his staff are unfailingly professional, friendly and courteous and it has been a true pleasure to be a patient of his office.

Carl V. McKinzie
Bingham McCutchen

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Harrison for over three decades. Over this period we have seen him gather and train numerous assistants and instill in them his sense of professional excellence. It is with pleasure that I have the opportunity to express my opinion about Dr. Harrison. Why, you may ask? In short, and without drama, he was instrumental in saving my life.
Many years ago and shortly after having moved to the area, I had a need for dental care. As good fortune would have it, my office was in the same building as Dr. Harrison and his two older partners, and being a new patient, Dr. Harrison became my dentist.
In my childhood (prior to WWII), good dental care was not always readily available. My teeth were quite irregular and with a bad bite. Despite these conditions, I had maintained good oral hygiene and kept the teeth in good repair and the gums healthy.
Several years into our relationship, I came to Dr. Harrison with a complaint about an irritation on my tongue. He sent me for a biopsy and what had been an “irritation” turned out, several months later, to be a cancer. Without delay, I had surgery to remove the cancer at UCLA Medical Center.
Not long after, I entered a treatment program to straighten the irregular teeth. This involved several patient years and surgery to correct the bite. Dr. Harrison undertook the project of a complete reconstruction of my teeth with crowns and bridges where appropriate; thereby, providing good biting and chewing surfaces and simultaneously improving the appearance of my smile. This extensive work was done more than 20 years ago and shows no signs of failing. While this work was relatively expensive, I consider it well-worth the investment in dollars and in time spent in the dentist’s chair.

After so much dental work, one would think that a visit to the dentist would be a dreaded experience. On the contrary, his professional technical personnel and pleasant office assistants with which he has chosen to surround himself, make our regular cleaning and examination visits almost a social occasion.

James F. Tatom
Certified Public Accountant (Retired)
Woodland Hills, California

I have been a patient of Dr. Harrison’s since he began his practice. He has successfully guided me through some major challenges. As a young teenager, I wore traditional metal braces for three years. That procedure included painful adjustments, a mouth full of metal and discomfort that lasted for days.

As an adult, my teeth started to shift and new problems developed. Dr. Harrison recommended Invisalign braces. My experience has been very easy. No one knew I was wearing braces and any discomfort was minimal. I usually avoid giving recommendations for medical or dental procedues or treatments, but strongly recommend Invisalign for adults. It’s easy, it’s fast and it works.

Cynthia Ford

“I ADORE my dentist…been going to him since 1997! I had just moved back from the east coast and before I left said coast, I had had a filling filled. Well…I had a REALLY bad toothache during my whole drive across the US and when I got to LA a friend recommended I see Dr. Harrison. I went to his office (nice view of the water and of Brentwood!) and they took X-rays and whatnot and found the filling wasn’t ‘cured’ all the way. SO after hardening the filling…which fixed my toothache!…I asked how much the bill would be and his response was…NOTHING! I was floored…a Doc not wanting $$? Crazy! He figured he was doin’ me a favor…and I was hooked. Any Doc who will do that on the first meeting is a keeper! He’s also has a black belt in karate so there’s lots of fun stuff to check out around his office! lol The nurses are awesome and they email AND text you to remind you of appointments. So hi-tec!”

Carrie Richard July 19, 2006

I waited ” all my life” to do something to cover the tetracyline* staining in my teeth. Since the staining was inside the teeth, no superficial whitening would solve the problem. I didn’t like the way bonded and veneered teeth looked, and essentially settled on waiting until advances had been made in the materials and the methods for covering up this type of discoloration. As it turned out, workmanship was the most critical factor. All results I had seen in others’ dental work were unnaturally large or fake-looking teeth. I was also reticent about “shaving” my teeth to apply veneers. When I met and got to know Dr. Harrison, I knew that I had come upon the doctor I could trust to perform this work. He assured me that he would only need to remove minimal surface of my affected teeth — I selected eight upper front teeth! Dr. Harrison created a mold of my existing teeth, following my request that the veneers be as close to the shape and size of my mostly straight teeth. The result is that my veneered teeth looked exactly as my teeth would have, had they never been tetracyline* stained. Dr. Harrison undid the damage that my childhood pediatrician unknowingly caused 40 years ago! I unreservedly recommend Dr. Harrison and his entire team at the Brentwood office. Their professionalism, kindness, and caring bedside manner make it a pleasure to go to the dentist!

*medication given for chronic tonsillitis as a child, which stained my uncut adult teeth.

Laila Taslimi, 2006 -Santa Monica, CA.

My family moved from Houston Texas to Los Angeles, California in 1972. We lived in Santa Monica close to your office and you started to be our family dentist. You have treated my wife Gloria and all three of our children and now you treat 2 of our Grandchildren and son in law and many of the employees of our company have been going to you for over 30 years. All are very happy with you and your Professional staff.

Our youngest daughter now 47 years old had some serious dental work to be corrected and was very afraid of the dentist, you and your patience, along with wonderful staff have been able to treat her very well and continue to do so to this day.

From time to time one of us has had an emergency situation and your staff has been so accommodating and helpful.
We have been very fortunate to have found such a wonderful dentist for over 34 years.

Ambassador and Mrs. Glen Holden

I am 55 years old and I have seen a dentist on a regular basis all my life. I was never told by my previous dentist that there was anything wrong with my teeth. I did notice that my front teeth had become very short as if they were wearing down and I had lost a back molar which had cracked and needed to be extracted. When another tooth cracked I decided to see Dr. Harrison for his opinion as to what was happening with my teeth.

Dr. Harrison gave me a very thorough examination including models of my teeth. He told me that my teeth displayed very severe wear and showed me how many of them were also cracked. He was concerned and told me that I would lose more teeth if definitive treatment was not performed soon. He also explained that as my teeth wore down, my bite collapsed which affected the TM joint as well as my facial muscles and appearance.

I confess that I was taken back by the magnitude of the treatment Dr. Harrison suggested. However, he made some very good points. First, he told me that I was at a crisis point and the situation would deteriorate resulting in further loss of teeth, making treatment more difficult. Second, he told me if I acted now and if the work was done correctly, it could last the rest of my life.

After some research, I learned that Dr. Harrison and his associate dentists were all specially trained to treated advanced dental problems. I also spoke with other patients with similar problems who had been treated at Dr. Harrison’s office. I was convinced and proceeded with treatment.

Several things impressed me as I underwent this process. The first was the relative absence of pain. The second was the amount of work involved on the part of the doctors. I had no idea how involved and complicated the re-building of my mouth was. The treatment was planned and executed with utmost care and expertise.

The results are fantastic. My bite is perfect! My jaws feel more comfortable than they have in years. My little, short teeth now look like real teeth again. In fact, friends tell me I look years younger. Was it worth it? Knowing what I do now – the end result and the time and care provided by Dr. Harrison and his team – yes and more!”

Lance Miller

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