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Missing teeth not only affect appearance, but your overall oral health. While traditional dentures are a popular teeth replacement option, they require adjustment and can become uncomfortable over time. Dental implants provide patients a long-term restoration to keep their smiles from enduring progressive damage after losing teeth. 

Drs. Harrison and Henderson recommend patients currently using dentures consider dental implants to stabilize and reinforce their prosthetic. During treatment consultation, we review the increased benefit of implant-supported dentures in detail and what to expect during the procedure.

Dental Crowns and Implants

Jawbone Health

Teeth roots are essential for supporting jawbone health. After the loss of teeth, jawbone density begins to recede, leading to shrinking facial structure and a prematurely aged appearance. This directly affects dental function as well, making it difficult to eat and speak in some cases. Dentures alone may visibly replace teeth, but sit on the gumline and require adjustments to fit the changing shape of the jaw as bone health deteriorates.

Implant posts are made of biocompatible titanium and are surgically placed into the gums. The implants then integrate with surrounding jawbone, promoting density retention and growth. A crown or denture device is attached to these posts. When combined, implants and dentures reinforce oral health and maintain aesthetic and functional qualities.

Encourage Stable, Long-Lasting Dentures

Traditional dentures are attached to the jaw using dental adhesives and suction. This can become unreliable, as adhesives are not permanent, and lower dentures do not create the same hold as an upper denture. With dental implants, dentures are attached to secure posts fused to the existing jaw bone. Retaining dentures with implants results in a comfortable, lasting treatment that does not require the daily use of ill-tasting adhesives.

There are multiple attachment options to keep dentures in place without fear of breaks or separation. Fixed dentures, in particular, are permanently secured to the implant posts and can only be removed by your dentist. 

Damaged Implant Prosthetic? We Replace and Restore Implant Crowns

Just like it’s possible to crack or chip a natural tooth, your dental implant crown can suffer wear and tear from biting into tough foods, teeth grinding, or accidental breaks. If you have existing dental implants that no longer look their best, our Brentwood dentists provide implant restoration and repair services. We can remove your old implant crown and provide you with a new and beautiful prosthetic that instantly makes your smile look healthy and attractive. 

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Implants are an innovative solution for missing teeth; when paired with customized dentures, patients can comfortably eat and speak with ease. Call Drs. Harrison and Henderson today to schedule your consultation and find out if dental implant placement or one of our other beneficial restorative dental treatments is right for you!

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